Sunday, 15 September 2013

New Honda Wave Dash (2013)

Honda again? Yes, we can see in this year (2013), Boon Siew Honda presented nearly a dozen of new model in Malaysian market. Very aggressive, strong dedication, robust growth in the domestic market and effective after sales service has made Boon Siew Honda took the largest market share.

What makes Honda being chosen compared to other brands such as Yamaha, Suzuki, SYM or other motorcycle manufacturer? Even though Honda’s bike not in the first class in design matters, I can said that Honda is very good in products features and fuel consumption. The reliability, durability, low maintenance costs, the balance of performance and fuel consumption are the major reason why Malaysian chose Honda’s motorcycles.

Recently, Boon Siew Honda launched their new Wave Dash - the new motorsport-inspired Honda Wave Dash R and S Series. The two new bikes, which feature sporty aerodynamics, styling and performance, are set to raise the bar in the mid-size cub segment of the local market.

Both the Wave Dash R and S are powered by an advanced 4-stroke 110cc engine that produces a maximum horsepower of 6.18kW (8.39PS) at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.15 Nm (0.83kgf.m) at 5,500rpm, while maintaining Honda’s excellent fuel-efficiency standards.

Moreover, the new Wave Dash’ gearing ratios offer a smooth performance and excellent ride characteristics. The engine is also compliant with EURO 2 standards for low CO2 emissions.

Safety isn’t compromised either in the new Wave Dash as both feature 17-inch durable tubeless tyres. The tubeless tyres prevent the sudden dissipation of air in the unfortunate event of a tyre puncture, which in turn allows the rider to safely bring the bike to a stop.
Additionally, the new Wave Dash R is equipped with double disc brakes which offer superior braking performance during emergencies or other unfavorable conditions. The new Wave Dash S is equipped with a single disc brake.

Both the Wave Dash R and S feature motorsport-inspired aesthetics to truly reflect the exciting and dynamic ride the bikes have to offer. The new Wave Dash features a new stylish white halogen headlight that makes the bike hard to miss while on the move or at a standstill.

In addition, a distinctive crystal eye-line winker design and bright illuminated tail light with multi-reflectors enhance the visibility of the new Wave Dash for trailing motorists while raising the bike’s sporty presence on the street.

The sporty design also extends to a wide-angled multi-function speedometer with a clear display, 3D leg shields which improves aerodynamics and protects the rider from road debris, sporty exhaust muffler, exhaust heat shield and five-spoke sport rims.

The Wave Dash R and S are available in Vivacity Red, Pearl Magellanic Black, Luminous Orange and Force Silver Metallic while the Repsol Honda-inspired Luminous Orange is exclusively available for the Wave Dash R. The showroom price for Wave Dash S is priced at RM5,029.00 while the Wave Dash R is priced at RM5,289.00 and the Wave Dash Repsol design is RM5,419.00. Both come with a two year or 20,000 km manufacturing warranty.


  1. thank for info..but the price include road tax

  2. Hi Izyan, sorry coz we did not provide otr price. Estimated, plus RM200 to 500 depends on insurance type, sum insured or rider's option. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. how much money i have to pay for deposit ?

    1. Hi Tun izwan..actually it (deposit) will depends on the dealer/seller..sometimes they could offer RM0 down-payment (but you have to cover registration costs around RM200-RM500), sometimes some dealers ask at least 10% to 30% from the amount of sales price. I advise you to do surveys for the best offer you could get.

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  5. how the speed of the fastest

  6. Hi, just came across on Indonesian page said that on April 2014 new Honda Blade 125 has been launched. Do you have any idea when it will be on Malaysian market? Just my 2 cent. =)

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